UJS Online Stores, trading name of UJS Group, was started in 2015 in the London with the idea to quickly expand in the USA market with a range of products under the “UJS” brand name. Our company had developed its strength and recognition through strong family values and hard work, and a no-nonsense attitude. The group started as a small, family run accountancy and finance firm.
Whilst working in an office in London and Florida, UJS saw an opportunity within the stationery and electronic goods markets. We saw a chance and created products under our own brand name and decided to create a product that would fit personalised needs in all offices and homes. So we decided to create UJS-online.com, one of our first online stores, as a main channel to showcase and retail these products.
We strive to provide a high quality service and top quality products at a competitive price rate. We love developing products and are continuously trying to improve the daily products we use in our professional and home lives.

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