About us

UJS GROUP operates a number of brands across its accountancy, finance, property, retail and media divisions.

UJS Financial Services, UJS Group LLC, , UJS Retail  and UJS Publishing   is a network of professional firms, which are in a strong position to respond to client’s needs, bringing together the right teams at the right time, in UK , EU, USA and across borders.

Our vision is simple – to turn knowledge into value for the benefit of our clients, people and community.

What makes us different?

Our innovative spirit inspires what we do and how we do it, providing valuable benefits for clients and employees. Constantly striving to be better lies at the heart of what makes us different.

We are committed in providing the best service to our clients by putting the best people at their disposal.  What sets us apart from our competitors is the way we work, really understanding our clients and the way they like to work with us – working together to get the right outcome.

Our team is your reliable partner in everyday life, promoting values like professionalism, integrity, confidentiality, trust, independence and teamwork.